Learn techniques for understanding ayahuasca experiences and visions. Gain wisdom about ancient mystery traditions and their relevance to ayahuasca spirituality.

This course is taught by one of the world’s leading minds of psychedelic spirituality, culture and consciousness. Des Tramacchi weaves together a powerful array of knowledge from his 30 years of studying psychedelics. He equips us with matured insight for enhancing the ayahuasca experience.

In this short course, you'll learn about:

  •  Psychedelic mystery traditions across the world and throughout time.
  •  How to cultivate your ayahuasca experience with “set” and “setting” and conscious intention.
  •  The spiritual significance of ayahuasca purging, visions and integration. 
  •  Psychonautics and the difference between ayahuasca and DMT.