Kahpi | Ayahuasca Courses

Substance, Soul & Shamanism in the Amazon & Beyond | Video Course


(Taught by Anthropologist Glenn Shepard, PhD) Discover what shamanic cultures all around the world have in common. Learn about native Amazonian techniques of drinking ayahuasca for healing and spirituality.

Ayahuasca & The Brain | Video Course


(Taught by Neuroscientist Draulio de Araujo, Ph.D) Learn about the effects of ayahuasca on the brain, body and mind. Gain scientific clarity on the physiological effects of ayahuasca and its relationship to psychological health.

Ayahuasca & Mental Health | Video Course


(Taught by Psychiatrist Dr. Luís Fernando Tófoli, Ph.D) Get clarity on the potential therapeutic benefits and the risks of drinking ayahuasca. Learn about the spiritual dimensions of ayahuasca and mental health.

Ayahuasca, World Spiritualities & Psychonautics | Video Course


(Taught by Scholar of Spirituality Des Tramacchi, PhD) Learn techniques for intelligently understanding ayahuasca experiences and visions. Gain wisdom about historical mystery traditions and their relevance to ayahuasca spirituality.

Ayahuasca in The Peruvian Amazon: Nation, Gender & Race/Ethnicity | Video Course


(Taught by Anthropologist Gretel Echazú, PhD) Gain critical understandings of Amazonian shamanism and history. Learn about the gendered nature of plant spirits and the ethics of ayahuasca therapies.

Spiritual Tourism, Spiritual Materialism & The Ethics of Intercultural Encounters | Video Course


(Taught by Digital Story-Teller ​ Jerónimo Mazarrasa) Learn about different spiritual pilgrimages around the world and across time. Gain an understanding of how shamanic tourism in the Amazon jungle is part of an ancient calling of the spirit.