Learn From Two Shipibo Ayahuasca Healers

The Shipibo of the Ucayali region of the Upper Amazon rainforest have become globally renowned for their mastery of ayahuasca for good reason. They have maintained and developed a rich shamanic arts.

In this course, you’ll learn about ayahuasca healing, spirituality and history from an esteemed Shipibo healer and her son.

The video lessons cover teachings about Shipibo:

  • Healing techniques with ayahuasca.
  • Icaros (sacred songs), plant remedies, and dieting.
  • Ayahuasca initiation and training.
  • Cultural transformation and history.
  • Education initiatives and intergenerational change.

Meastra Mama Rosa

Meet your instructor...

Maestra Rosa Pinedo Vasquez, more affectionately known as Mama Rosa, has 31 years of experience in the practice of plant medicine. Her Shipibo name is Pesin Rate, which means beautiful and admirable woman with long hair. Rosa is 75 years of age and has four adult children, Adelina, Feliciano, Luis and Genaro. Rosa began her shamanic apprenticeship with Maximo Vela, which inspired a great dedication to the path of healing. Mama Rosa is internationally renowned and has worked in well-known ayahuasca centers in Iquitos and Pucallpa for many years. She is known for her sweet and compassionate presence and she carries such a powerful, but gentle voice. She embodies a very rare depth of knowledge and wisdom about ayahuasca.
Meastra Mama Rosa

Meastro Luis Marquez Pinedo

Meeting your instructor...

Maestro Luis Marquez Pinedo is Mama Rosa’s middle son. His Shipibo name is Soi Sani which means wonderful, sociable and friendly man. This name suits him well as he is all of the above. From early childhood Luis knew he wanted to be a teacher and after he finished high school he received a grant to study in the Bilingual Teachers of the Amazon Training Program. Luis has served as Principal in Santa Elisa, Pedagogic Director of the public Bilingual Institute in Yarinacocha, and as a Teacher Training Specialist at the University of the Peruvian Amazon. Luis has been working for the the last few years as an advisor and monitor at the University Peruana Cayetano Heredia. Like all the other members in his family, he was brought up around shamanism and ayahuasca. He has extensive knowledge of medicinal plants and sings many icaros [sacred songs] in ceremony.
Meastro Luis Marquez Pinedo

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