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The journey with ayahuasca can be profoundly inspiring and transformational, but it can also be a bumpy ride. 

That's why we've put together this short course. It will give you a sense of the terrain for approaching ayahuasca.

With lessons presented by an ayahuasca luminary, this mini course demystifies the basics of traveling the ayahuasca path for healing and self-development. You'll learn from:

Darpan, an ayahuasca facilitator with 23 year's experience giving ayahuasca to people.

What You'll Learn in this Course

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    Lessons for The Ayahuasca Journey
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    • Introduction to Ayahuasca
    • Am I Ready to Drink Ayahuasca? | Darpan
    • How to Navigate the Ayahuasca Experience | Darpan
    • Test Yourself! Optional Quiz
    • Learn More About The Ayahuasca Path