The Ayahuasca Experience: A Beginner's Guide

The Ayahuasca Experience: A Beginner's Guide

Gain empowering insights about the ayahuasca experience and the importance of integration.

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Learn about what can effect the ayahuasca experience. Gain an understanding of techniques for integrating ayahuasca experiences into daily life.

In this sample course, 3 teachers of ayahuasca share knowledge and wisdom about the variety of things that can influence an ayahuasca experience, and also about why the "integration" period after the experience is so important.

“This learning hub provides crucial information about ayahuasca itself and about the integration of ayahuasca into Western cultures. The teachers at Kahpi are superb.”

Rick Doblin, Ph.D - Founder & Executive Director of The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

Meet The Teachers

Dr. Clancy Cavnar, Psy.D ~ Psychologist

Clancy is a practising psychologist who has been drinking ayahuasca for 19 years. She is also a researcher and has published several ground-breaking books on ayahuasca therapies and shamanism.

Celina De Leon ~ Healer

Celina has been apprenticing in ayahuasca and Amazonian traditional medicines with the Kamentsa indigenous community of the Sibundoy Valley, Colombia, since 2009. She is also a yoga practitioner certified to teach through Greenpath Yoga and White Lotus Foundation.

Des Tramacchi, Ph.D ~ Scholar of Spirituality

Des is one the world's best minds in the fields of psychedelic spirituality, culture and consciousness. He has been studying psychedelics for over 30 years and has taught courses on psychedelic culture and spirituality at multiple universities in Australia.

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