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Gain advice for developing best practices for drinking and serving ayahuasca. Learn about the benefits, limitations and risks of treating ayahuasca as a medicine. | taught by Dr. Brian Anderson (MD)
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Dr. Brian Anderson (MD)
Dr. Brian Anderson (MD)

About the Instructor

Dr. Brian Anderson is a resident physician (Medical Doctor) in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California San Francisco. He has been drinking ayahuasca for ten years. He earned his MD at Stanford University. He has an MSc in Biomedicine, Biotechnology and Society from the London School of Economics where he wrote his thesis "Classifying Ayahuasca: The Role of Subjective Experience in Psychiatric Research with Psychedelics." He has a BA in Biochemistry with a minor in Latin American and Latino Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. Beginning in 2005, he has conducted ethnographic research with communities of substance users in Brazil, the United States, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

How can Western medicine help us understand the potential benefits and risks of ayahuasca and improve ayahuasca healing?

Ayahuasca has become an increasingly popular type of alternative medicine for people in Western societies.

But ayahuasca is no ordinary medicine. It requires a different way of thinking about medicine.

Medical Doctor Brian Anderson has been drinking ayahuasca for ten years and has also spent time researching ayahuasca as an anthropologist.

He brings a wealth of medical knowledge and practical wisdom about the benefits and risks of this non-ordinary spiritual medicine for individuals and communities.

In the first part of this powerful course, Dr. Anderson teaches you early psychiatric research into ayahuasca and how communities of ayahuasca drinkers in South America offer models for ayahuasca communities around the world.

"Presenting a depth of information in visually beautiful settings, the kahpi ayahuasca courses instruct and delight."

Tom Roberts (PhD)

~ Author of the book, The Psychedelic Future of The Mind.

What happens when we treat ayahuasca as simply a "medicine"?

By examining spiritual, shamanic, and religious dimensions to ayahuasca healing, Dr. Anderson provides insights about

  • The limitations and risks of medicalising ayahuasca.
  • The benefits and risks of treating ayahuasca as a medicine.
  • Differences between spirituality, shamanism and Western medicine.
  • Types of best practice for ayahuasca drinkers and communities.
  • The importance of community for the healing process.

Ayahuasca & Allopathic Medicine is 1 of 4 short courses in Kahpi's stream Medicine & Brain: The Science of Ayahuasca. Enroll in the complete stream and save 17$.

Dr Anderson compacts a range of powerful learning on ayahuasca healing and its cultural context in the course. You'll have a full 6 weeks to do the short course.

Gain advice on ways to prepare for and integrate ayahuasca experiences, and the importance of community for the process of ayahuasca healing from an avid ayahuasca drinker and trained medical doctor.

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