If you want to gain clarity about the Amazonian brew ayahuasca, you're in the right place.

As you've probably noticed, ayahuasca has become something of a celebrity around the world recently. Many people are suddenly seeking healing and transformation from the brew.

At the same time, the Internet has become littered with misinformation about ayahuasca. The need for a grounded and realistic education about the risks, benefits, cultural diversity, and approaches to actually drinking ayahuasca has never been more important.

People who drink ayahuasca navigate personal depths that are difficult to access with other techniques. The ayahuasca experience is unique to each individual. 

This is because: 

Ayahuasca relies on you to deeply participate in the healing journey. Far from being a "magic pill", ayahuasca is more like a teacher that opens one's inner being. 

Ayahuasca amplifies your emotions and displays vivid imagery to your mind's eye. This helps you understand your past, present, and potential future. 

Ayahuasca integrates the mind and body to help purify your emotions. The brew can give you an experience of being meaningfully connected to life.

Since 2014, Kahpi Professor Draulio de Araujo, a researcher at the Brain Institute in Natal, Brazil, has been investigating the effects of ayahuasca on a group of eighty people, half of whom suffer from sever depression. "If one word comes up, it is tranquillity", he said. "A lot of our individuals, whether they are depressed or not, have a sense of peace after the experience." - The New Yorker Magazine, September 12, 2016.  

Professor Draulio de Araujo, PhD.

Teacher of the Kahpi lessons on Ayahuasca and the Brain.

Scientific evidence is mounting to suggest ayahuasca, when used correctly, can help alleviate depression, addiction, anxiety, and trauma. 

Leading researchers Dr. Ede Frecska and colleagues reviewed this evidence in an article about how the therapeutic effects of ayahuasca can help against "diseases of civilization", published in the prestigious journal Frontiers in Pharmacology.

Moving beyond healing, new research is suggesting ayahuasca may also enhance the lives of healthy people by increasing life satisfaction and boosting creativity. 

That's why we arranged a series of talented and expert teachers to present clear and empowering lessons about ayahuasca. 

The Kahpi Courses Cover:

How to properly approach the core elements of the ayahuasca path. You'll learn from professionals and therapists who have been drinking ayahuasca and conducting ayahuasca sessions for over 20 years.

Knowledge about ayahuasca's safety, risks and benefits. These lessons are taught by leading doctors, psychiatrists and brain researchers who have been studying ayahuasca.

Insights into the culture and history of ayahuasca. These lessons are presented by indigenous healers, anthropologists and ethnobotanists with deep knowledge of ayahuasca.

"I'm grateful to have access to all of the latest information about ayahuasca healing and consciousness exploration in one place. The Kahpi courses taught me invaluable knowledge about the ayahuasca journey, spirituality, mental health issues, and the latest neuroscience. The courses are clear, engaging, and visually beautiful to watch."

Dena Sharrock 

Kahpi Student

"This learning hub provides crucial information about ayahuasca itself and about the integration of ayahuasca into Western cultures. The teachers at Kahpi are superb."

Rick Doblin, PhD

Founder and Executive Director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

The Kahpi Courses:

Heal Yourself and Thrive with Ayahuasca

Darpan - Ayahuasca Facilitator 

Techniques for ceremony preparation, inner navigation and integration.

 Ayahuasca and Mental Health

Dr. Luis Fernando Tofoli - Psychiatrist

Clear lessons about the science of ayahuasca's risks, safety, and benefits.

Substance, Soul, Shamanism in the Amazon and Beyond

Glenn Shepard, PhD - Anthropologist

On the diverse approaches of ayahuasca shamanism and consciousness expansion.

Shipibo Ayahuasca Healing

Mama Rosa and Soi Sani - Amazonian Healers

Indigenous masters teach ayahuasca dieting, visions, and cultural history.

Psychological Aspects of Preparing for and Integrating Ayahuasca Experiences

Dr. Clancy Cavnar - Psychologist

On the psychology of getting prepared, ceremony experience and integration. 

Ayahuasca and the Brain

Draulio de Araujo, PhD - Neuroscientist

Lessons about the effects of ayahuasca on the brain, body, and mind.

The Role of Spirituality in Ayahuasca Healing

Celina De Leon - Healer

About combining ayahuasca with yoga, nutrition, and complimentary therapies.

Ayahuasca, World Spirituality, and Psychonautics

Des Tramacchi, PhD - Spirituality Scholar

About common and experimental approaches to ayahuasca spirituality.

Indigenous Amazonians and Ayahuasca Tourism

Daniela Peluso, PhD - Anthropologist

Lessons on the changes to traditional ayahuasca shamanism and culture.

Ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon

Gretel Echazu, PhD - Anthropologist

Insights into ayahuasca history and the gendered nature of shamanism.

Spiritual Tourism, Spiritual Materialism and the Ethics of Intercultural Encounters

Jero Mazarrasa - Film maker

Explore ayahuasca in comparison to spiritual pilgrimages from the past and present.

Neurospsychedelic and the Laboratory

Nicholas Langlitz, PhD - Historian

On the history, culture, and mysticism of psychedelic neuroscience.

Ayahuasca and Allopathic Medicine

Dr. Brian Anderson - Physician

Advice and research to help ayahuasca ceremony facilitators and drinkers.

"I have worked with ayahuasca for nearly a decade and I continue to be amazed and humbled at the healing possibilities offered by this plant-teacher. I see a great need for an informed, science-based and experienced-based source of information and guidance on the subject. Kahpi meets that need beautifully. It will be a cherished resource for all those wanting to deepen their knowledge and practice."

Dr. Gabor Mate 

Speaker and Best Selling Author


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